Sales Enablement - Wow!

There are no words to describe how grateful we are to all of you who joined us for the Sales Enablement 3.0-event in Stockholm on Wednesday! It was a total success with 200 participants and a live stream on top of that!
We really hope that everyone who joined got some great insights to bring home and to start implementing right off the bat. A big thanks to Bill Macaitis, Cory Bray and Dailius Wilson for creating magic on stage and bringing their best insights in such a memorable way!

More insights to come - Stay tuned!

The Speakers

bill macaitis

Bill Macaitis

The Silicon Valley Legend who built three unicorn companies will share war stories and provide his latest tips on building successful growth quick- really quick!

cory Bray

Cory Bray

The author of bestselling Sales Enablement books will explain WHY you have to implement new sales strategies TODAY to not die tomorrow.

dailius wilson

Dailius Wilson

The myth who overperformed Elon Musk and Richard Branson, writing the most engaged Linkedin post, will explain how your company can get started with Sales Enablement in less than 1 hour.

Did you miss the event? No worries - we got you covered!

The GetAccept Sales enablement Playbook

Sales Enablement Playbook

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Samir on stage at Sales Enablement 3.0 event

Need a recap?

Or did you miss out on the event? No problemo! Download the full video from the live stream here!

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The GetAccept event sales enablement 3.0

The Best of Sales Enablement

Read about our key takeaways and insights from the event here!

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